Tips on Creating a Successful Online Dating Profile

Geplaatst op 17-03-2023

Categorie: Lifestyle

Nowadays, there are many people who try to find their soulmate on a dating site. Their intention, however, is so strong that sometimes they tend not to tell the whole truth about themselves in their profiles and during the process of communication. It can be either a pure lie or an outdated photo (sometimes a photoshopped one as well).

We insist that you should not be on the side of a liar. Telling the truth can prevent you from unpleasant consequences if you and the other side become closer. What you can do to make your online profile look better, without actually not telling the truth, is presented in the next few tips:

Leave negative emotions aside

You might remember from your previous experience about going out on a date with a person who kept telling you how hard his life was, how hard he worked and how little he was paid, and that his every day was like a nightmare. Do you remember what did you feel then? You should never act like that person. Negative is strongly forbidden! Being positive is attractive. It makes other people act friendly and it charges both you and them with positive emotions which are essential in any relationship.

A successful example of a positive statement looks like this one: “I think online dating is a whole new world for me and I’m open for new emotions and new friends!”

So, you understand, avoid negativity. You want to be a winner and you can be one.

Be creative

Again, we should start from an example. Imagine, you are reading a profile of a person who somehow managed to attract your attention. He/she writes: “I’m a funny person. I like going to movies, clubs and I’m fond of cats”. Yes, it might sound alright, but what we are talking about is that it is average. There are hundreds of pages with resembling descriptions. They sometimes seem to be compiled according to some certain pattern of ‘how-to-write-about-yourself’.

Use expressive words while telling about yourself. Use imagination and describe everything you are fond of in bright colors.

Instead of writing “I like going to movies” you can write “I’m a real cinema lover. For me, every new film is a new unexplored world of unique emotions!”.

Build up your profile with creativity. Interesting facts about yourself will be of great use. Do it with pleasure and you will get much more responses!

Communicate with people you want to

One more point. It is honest to say what type of person you are probably looking for. By doing it you secure yourself from unwanted responses from people you do not actually want to communicate with. Be sharp in your descriptions, you can write approximate age of a person you are looking for, some traits of character which you find most important, what he/she should be interested in, to conclude, everything you find worth writing about.

And last, you should keep your profile up-to-date. Refresh your photos, add something new now and then.
You can also look up what other people write in their profiles and, thus, make your own better