Some More Important Tips on Physical Dating

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The time will eventually come when you DO want to meet this person and take your relationship a step forward, this isn’t all that easy, just like any other relationship. Sure, you know more about this person as a person instead of another pretty face, which makes internet dating so wonderful, but some things will take some effort, here are some questions you should ask yourself before making that commitment:

When you would ask them questions, would they answer them all?
Do you feel that you know this person very well?
Are they good humored? Fun? Patient?
Have they tried pressuring you? If so, did they apologize?
Did they tell you what they did for a living? How about the type of area they live in?
Did they open up about their family and even their background?
Have you ever seen a photo of them in more then one occasion, so that way you know it is not fake?
Did the two of you do any phone talking at this point?
Are you 100% sure that they were 100% honest when they would describe themselves?
Most of all, can you, and do you trust them?

If you can say yes to all of these happily then you it probably time to meet. Now, obviously it is time for some physical dating. Here are some basic rules you should keep in mind and act upon if you think it is a good idea at that time:

-Safety is first, always. For this reason you should tell anyone close to you, a friend or a family member, where you will be going, who you will be meeting, when you will be meeting and where the meeting place will be, ended with when you should be home. By all means, don’t skim out on the information you will be giving this person. Tell them as much information as you can on the whole date plan. It would be ideal to do one of these two things, or even both:  Make a call to them a few times during the date to let them know you are okay. Let your date know ahead of time that you will be doing this. Secondly you can have it set up that your friend or family member will call YOU at a certain time to make sure you are okay and everything is going great.


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-You should always agree to meet in a place that is openly public. Any place where there are plenty of people around, whether it is a park or just in a busy marketplace. It is ideal if you pick a place (if they are coming to you) that you know plenty about. This means familiar surroundings. This is very good in case something turns sour. You can even see if you can get friends or family to go there too, but in the distance so that way you can feel that much more comfortable, and at the first signs of trouble they will be there by your side. For the record, don’t think this is pointing at females being the ones with the possible bad male date. It goes both ways, believe me, females can do just as much as males but in their own ways.

-Never accept a ride from your date. Yeah, they may just be meaning well, but by all means find your own way of transportation if you don’t drive. Just like being picked up, don’t accept a ride home from them either, no matter how good the date went. If you don’t drive, it is a good idea to get your ride to always come early, just in case.

-If your date didn’t need to drive a really long time, try to make the first meeting or date a short and sweet one. This makes it easy to get away from the date if things don’t go exactly as planned or they aren’t who they at first seemed to be. Make it a lunch date.

If you find the need to leave, go ahead and leave. Don’t be a jerk though. Let them know something came up and you need to go. Apologize and perhaps set up another meeting date. Don’t think you ‘owe’ them your stay. If you aren’t relaxed you will not enjoy your date, and what use is that? You need to feel happy, relaxed and comfortable, if this person doesn’t seem to do that for you, you can go at anytime. Remember, it is very possible that you need to go through a few people to eventually find your right one.